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This is where I’ll link up various feature articles related to collecting, the collecting market, displaying your collection, historical information, and other miscellaneous crayon related information.  If you have an idea or want to post an article, drop me an email (web address is on the home page).


Many of the smaller size articles are actually now in the crayon blog (linked from the home page). 


The History of Crayons

(A multi-part history of the modern crayon)

Part 1 – Origins

Part 2 – The Wax Crayon Pioneers

Part 3 – Invasion of the Pencil Industry

Part 4 – Turn of the Century

Part 5 – Early Crayola

Part 6 – The Golden Era

Part 7 – Changing and Growing

Part 8 – Enter the Small Players

Part 9 – The Expanding Giants


Crayon Color – A comprehensive list of color names used for crayons

Collecting Vintage Pencil Boxes (also known as Pencil Cases, Student Cases, School Cases)


2002 Review – The year in crayons

2003 Review – The year in crayons

2004 Review – The year in crayons

2005 Review – The year in crayons

(note…subsequent years were not followed closely enough to report on but I thought I’d keep these around)


Displaying your Collection

Crayon by Number – A subset all its own

Shapes, figures, and canisters – Oh My!

Should we fire the art designer on these?

Where are they now?


Crayon Collectors Club