The Crayola Section

Crayola has such a rich and diverse crayon history, line of products and colors that they warrant their very own section.In here youíll find a more detailed history of the company, expanded interesting facts, research and photos of every known crayon box the company ever made. There is a section that looks at the product line Crayola used year by year and a section that focuses on specific products and walks through the variations from start to finish.The container spreadsheet is rich with data to research.


For crayon and color collectors there is a comprehensive spreadsheet that identifies every known variation of a color name printed on a Crayola crayon wrapper.Each crayon is broken down by size and by generations of design to help identify and accurately age your crayons.There is a listing of the crayons contained in each box/container to help you track down colors and where they are found.I have categorized the size of crayons Crayola has used and the various wrapper designs sold through the years.


Finally, there are a series of articles and features specific to Crayola and you can find more on the Crayon Blog (linked from the home page).From focuses on product lines with interesting histories to specific crayons or box stories, each of these enhances your experience and research.There are many inaccuracies about Crayola from the Internet (and even their sites) that need to be corrected; Iíve tried to be clear on the real timelines and facts based on research material, known physical crayon boxes, ads, catalogs, price lists and any other factual evidence that helps build the story of their incredible history in an accurate light.