The Crayola Section

Crayola has such a rich and diverse crayon history and line of products and colors that they warrant their very own section.  In here you’ll find a more detailed history of the company, expanded interesting facts, research and photos of every known crayon box the company ever made, research on every color ever printed on a crayon wrapper.  There is a section that looks at the product line Crayola used year by year and a section that focuses on specific products and walks through the variations from start to finish.  The container spreadsheet is rich with data to research.


For color collectors there is a comprehensive spreadsheet that identifies every known variation of a color name printed on a Crayola crayon wrapper.  Each crayon is broken down by size and by generations of design to help identify and accurately age your crayons.  There is a listing of the crayons contained in each box/container to help you track down colors and where they are found.


Finally, there are a series of articles and features specific to Crayola.  From focuses on product lines with interesting histories to specific crayons or box stories to feature, each of these enhances your experience and research.  There are many inaccuracies about Crayola and their detailed product lines that need to be corrected; I’ve tried to be clear on the real timelines and facts based on research material, known physical crayon boxes, ads, catalogs, price lists and any other factual evidence that helps build the story of their incredible history in an accurate light.


If you are looking for information about the boxes or containers the crayons came in…


Crayon Containers  Spreadsheet that documents all known crayon boxes.

Container Photos  Thumbnails of photos with BS reference numbers numerically as assigned

Product Lines  Chronological progression of product lines with pictures and info on each box

Product Line by Years  Year by year progression of what was available for that year with pictures


If you are looking for information about the colors…


The Definitive History of the Colors of Crayola  This is a 40-part series that chronicles Crayola’s colors from 1903 up to the current day.

Crayons  Identifies all of the crayon sizes and types and a chronology of the crayon wrapper designs.  You’ll also find links to all things related to Crayola colors here.

Crayons in Containers  Spreadsheet that documents what crayons are within each crayon box (if known)


If you are looking for history, interesting facts, articles related to Crayola or anything else…

The Target "Pick Your Pack" Series This is a compilation and telling of the story of the Target 8-color theme boxes that starting in Nov 2011


The History of the Crayola No 64 box  This is a multi-part series that chronicles the iconic 64 color box from its debut to current day.


Making Sense out of Magic Scents  The storyline helps explain the progression and content of one of the more confusing series of special effect crayon lines

The Inside Story of the Torch Red Crayon  This article will help to explain how and why Torch Red came to be such a rare color and where to find it.

Crayola 8 count tins – A history  Crayola crayons also came in metal tins as an option.  Find out their progression through the years and how many they made

The Big Boxes  An overview of the “Big Box” and 96 count size boxes that started coming out in the early 1990s up to current.