Crayola Product Lines


Here you will find links to all of Crayola’s product lines (as I complete them…this takes a lot of effort).  Each product line is pictured in chronological order.  The Crayola No 8 line is perhaps the most complete and pictured product line here.  Other product lines will be created or continue to expand as new boxes surface or information is learned through catalogs, price lists and other documentation.


The Primary Numbered Lines:


Crayola No 8 (USA).png


Crayola No 8 (International).png


Crayola No 16 (USA).png


Crayola No 16 (International).png


Crayola No 8 (Commemorative).png


Other Crayola Lines:


Crayola Anti-Roll.png



Crayola Poster.png


Crayola Special Effect Lines:


Crayola Color Slicks.png


Crayola Color Mix-Up.png



Crayola Theme Sets:


Crayola Avengers Assemble Set.png


Crayola Disney Princess Set.png


Crayola Finding Dory Set.png


Crayola Twistables:


Crayola Twistables Rainbow.png


Non-Crayola Lines:






Colored Crayon tins.png


Tiny Tots.png