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Binney & Smith Product Lines


One helpful way to research your crayons is to understand the products Crayola put out and how they changed through the years.  By identifying each product line in a group from their initial introduction up to their last or latest container, one can get a sense of how Crayola changed through time or help to identify all of the known products available should you with to collect.


Here you will find links to all of Crayola’s product lines (as I complete them…this takes a lot of effort).  Each product line is pictured in chronological order.  The Crayola No 8 line is perhaps the most complete and pictured product line here.  Other product lines will continue to expand as new boxes surface or information is learned through catalogs, price lists and other documentation.


The Primary Numbered Lines:

Crayola No 4

Crayola No 6

    USA line

    International lines

    Commemorative boxes

Crayola No 8

    USA line

    International lines

    Commemorative boxes

Crayola No 12

    USA line

    International lines

Crayola No 16

    USA line

    International lines

    Commemorative boxes

Crayola No 16P

Crayola No 24

    USA line

    International lines

    Commemorative boxes

Crayola No 24P

Crayola No 32 & 32P

Crayola No 33

Crayola No 38

Crayola No 48

    USA line

    International lines

    Commemorative boxes

Crayola No 64

    USA line

    International lines

    Commemorative boxes

Crayola No 72

Crayola No 80

Crayola No 96

Crayola No 97 & 99

Crayola No 160 & 161

Crayola No 240 & 241

Crayola No 242

Crayola  No 333

Crayola No 336 & 336A

Crayola No 836

Crayola No 840


Misc Crayola numbered lines

Misc Crayola commemorative or prototype boxes


Other Crayola Lines:

Crayola Crayon Cases

Crayola Anti-Roll

Crayola Big Box

    USA line

    International line

Crayola Color Sets

Crayola Brilliant

Crayola Caddy and Carousels

Crayola Classpacks

Crayola Color Sticks

Crayola Coloring Book

Crayola Coloring Chest, Crayon Crates & Teasure Chest

Crayola Complimentary (or Sample packs)

Crayola Craft

Crayola Discovery

Crayola Doodle Case

Crayola Easy-Off

Crayola Fabric

Crayola First & My First

Crayola Giant

Crayola Growing Kids

Crayola Holiday

Crayola Jumbo

Crayola Kids First

Crayola Large

Crayola Mini Kids

Crayola Multicultural

Crayola Oil Pastels

Crayola Picture Tracer

Crayola Presents videos with crayons

Crayola Retired

Crayola So Big

Crayola Starter Kits

Crayola Washable

    USA line

    International line

Crayola Water Color

Crayola Wipe-Off


Misc Crayola lines


Crayola Special Effect Lines:

Crayola Changeables

Crayola Color Mix-Up

Crayola Color & Smell

Crayola Colour Bursts

Crayola Construction Paper

Crayola Fluorescent

Crayola Gel FX

Crayola Gem Tones

Crayola Glitter

Crayola Glow in the Dark

Crayola Imagination Station

Crayola Magic Scent

Crayola Metallic

Crayola Neons

Crayola Pearl Brites

Crayola Silver Swirls

Crayola Techno Brite


Misc Crayola special effect boxes


Crayola Twistables:

Crayola Twistables

Crayola Erasable Twistables

Crayola Softies


Non Crayola Lines:



Blue Jay



Colored Crayon Tins











Misc Non Crayola Lines