Crayola Articles and Features

Before I created the crayon blog to go with this website (you can link to it from the home page) I wrote several features and articles related to Crayola and those are still linked here.  A few of the features are too big to put into a blog post so this is still a valid section to feature content beyond just the crayons and containers.


The Definitive History of the Colors of Crayola  This is a 40+ part series that chronicles Crayola’s colors from 1903 up to the current day.

The Target "Pick Your Pack" Series
 This tells the story of the Target 8-color theme boxes that started in Nov 2011 and catalogs all the boxes in the series.


The History of the Crayola No 64 box  This is a multi-part series that chronicles the iconic 64 color box from its debut to current day.


Making Sense out of Magic Scents  This story helps explain the progression and content of one of the more confusing series of special effect crayon lines


The Inside Story of the Torch Red Crayon  This article will help to explain how and why Torch Red came to be such a rare color and where to find it.


Crayola 8 count tins – A history   Crayola crayons also came in metal tins as an option.  Find out their progression through the years and how many they made


The Big Boxes  An overview of the “Big Box” and 96 count size boxes that started coming out in the early 1990s up to current.