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Crayola Poster Crayons

Crayola Poster crayons originally came out in 2009 as another marketing campaign using their already developed construction paper crayons.  These crayons are specially formulated via a reflecting filler that allows the color to show up boldly on dark and thick paper materials such as posters and construction paper.  You can validate this because the patent that is associated with the construction paper crayons is the very same patent for the poster crayons.  In 2017 they redesigned the box, however the crayons are identical to the original 2009 launch and do not contain the color names on the wrappers of the crayons.


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If you need a guide on the definition of the rareness ratings, go here:  Rarity Ratings



Crayola Poster - 8 colors.jpg



BS1345      Start Date: 2009  End Date: 2016  Country:  USA


Rareness:  2      Est. Value (Mint):  $2    Crayons:  8   Colors:  8


What makes this unique:

This line used the "Rainbow Smile" design under the Crayola logo.  The red 8 at the bottom is similar in design to other lines they were doing at the time.  The crayons themselves have unique wrappers for this line.



Crayola Poster (grey box) - 8 colors.jpg



BS1911      Start Date: 2017  End Date: Current    Country:  USA


Rareness:  1      Est. Value (Mint):  $2    Crayons:  8   Colors:  8


What makes this unique:

For the redesign of the box, they changed the 8 in the upper left corner of the hanger to have a white outline and then added "Poster Crayons" next to it.  The right side of the hanger is similar except that the font is all white now and the crayon tip changed color to a red one.  Below the "Rainbow Smile" design they moved the "Great for School" banner from the left side to the right side.  The main design is similar but different, with a pronounced large CRAYONS in white with a red outline this time.  The construction paper is tilted at an angle and they incorporated a white 8 with a red circle and another crayon tip coming up from the bottom of the box, similar to designs happening in Crayola lines at this time.  They dropped the word "Crayons" at the bottom.