The Crayon Collectors Club


Once upon a time I had a crayon collecting group here.  Over time though, the technology evolved and the group sort of drifted away.  We even had the logo above.


Then another crayon collector and now friend, Jenny, started a Facebook Group for Crayola collectors.  Over time the group grew and expanded.  She expanded the group to more than just Crayola and renamed it accordingly.




So…if you are interested in collecting or just selling some crayon collectibles, you can simply request to join the group.  It’s a closed group but easy to join.


What is it?  A Facebook Group for art medium collectors (primarily crayons but many collect other art mediums; particularly Crayola)


What isn’t it?  A place to ask for free collectibles from other collectors


How does it work?  Search “Crayon Collectors” on Facebook and press the join button.  The administrator, Jenny, will grant you access.  Once there, you can browse through the hundreds of posts.  There are many crayon related photos on there.  Feel free to comment and share by posting; it is encouraged.  Posts are from most recent activity to oldest.  Quite often you’ll learn of new colors and containers on here first.


Even though the old crayon group is no more, I’ve left the link below to the original member’s collections.  It is sad that Spencer’s collection was destroyed in a house fire.  We only have his photos now so enjoy what was one fine collection.


Members Photos (a gallery of photos from the collections of old group members who had sent them in)