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The History of Crayons

Introduction and Table of Contents


This is a multi-part history of the wax crayon.  The story could continue but I ended in the 1920s because copyright laws make it more difficult to provide supporting pictures of advertising to address a proper research into the detailed timeline from that point on.  Perhaps in the future I will expand that but without digital resources for the era from 1920-1980 that will take much more time and effort.


Each part has a link at the top to all the prior parts and a link at the bottom to the next part as well as the ability to navigate through the story through this table of contents. 





Part 1 - Origins


Preface, Greek/Roman origins, Encaustic method, Lithograph crayons

Part 2 - The Wax Crayon Pioneers


Ceresine Production, European Influences, Franklin Mfg Co., Milton Bradley

Part 3 - Invasion of the Pencil Industry


Eberhard Faber, Joseph Dixon Crubicle, Eagle Pencil, American Lead Pencil

Part 4 - Turn of the Century


Standard Crayon, B.B., American Crayon, Binney & Smith (Crayola)

Part 5 - Early Crayola


First assortments and colors, school girl branding, original ads, original colors

Part 6 - The Golden Era


Wadsworth Howland, New England Crayon, Brownies, European brands, Hardmuths, Joseph Dixonís Western Expansion, Franklin Company change, Munsell, Ullman Mfg, Prang Educational Co., Golden Gate crayons, a 16 color box, Pressed Crayons, Crayonart/Crayograph, Littlefield/Crayola Partnership

Part 7 - Changing and Growing


American Crayons Coloring Contest Campaign, C.F. Weber, Durel, Crayola Assortment Switchover to Gold Medal Branding

Part 8 - Enter the Small Players


C-r-a-y-o, Favoral, F. Weber, Colonial Crayon, A.L. Solomon, Scott Foresman & Co, National Crayon, Practical Drawing Publishing

Part 9 - Expanding Giants


Eberhard Faber, Penny Packages, Crayel, Bon-ton, Crayograph, Old Faithful Logo, Franklinís 175 Crayon Assortment